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Isles of Shoals Organics display of organic personal care for him and her.



At Isles of Shoals Organics, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality organic products.

All products are organic, paraben & dye free, gluten free, and vegetarian (we also have vegan

products available!). Our goal is to provide consumers with a product they can blindly trust,

knowing anything that has our name on it is something that will only benefit users. We want to

be 100% transparent in our business practices, ingredients, and their benefits.  We welcome

any and all product questions, and if you have a special need for something, contact us!

We will do whatever we can to help.

 We believe consumers have the right to know and understand the ingredients in their body care

products. We encourage people to flip it over- take a moment to look at ingredient lists to be

mindful of your health and beauty. If you visit our "ingredients" tab, you can see a list of every ingredient in each product. We also have compiled a list of the ingredients, what they are, and

why they are beneficial. Part of our mission is to make sure you know what we use and why!


We strive to run our business in an eco friendly way- using local vendors whenever possible,

creating minimal waste, using BPA free or glass packaging, and always recycling  In light of this,

we offer a recycling program for all of our vessels. If you return a container of ours for

recycling, we will give you 10% off your next purchase! Another way we are trying to minimize our ecological footprint is by offering a variety of product delivery options. We offer local drop-

offs, and urge patrons to place group orders when possible. Contact us directly for more

information,and thank you for shopping Isles of Shoals Organics!


Isles of Shoals Organics’ mission is to provide the highest quality organic products and best

customer service in an informative and transparent way.


Isles of Shoals Organics was founded in January of 2015 by Tara O’Connor. After researching

the harmful and  unnecessary ingredients in conventional personal care  products, Tara began

making organic lip balms in 2013. This evolved into making various other personal care and

household items for herself, as well as friends and family. Upon realizing there was a pressing

need for products that​ ​were healthy as well as beneficial, Isles of Shoals Organics was born.

The name was inspired by the beauty and serenity of a cluster of islands off the coast of

Portsmouth ,called the Isles of Shoals.


Tara O'Connor is a New England native, who presently resides in Portsmouth, NH. She studied at

Plymouth State University, receiving a bachelor's degree in business  ('01), and an MBA with a focus in

small business entrepreneurship ('15). She is also an alumna of Vermont Academy ('95). About 10 years

ago, Tara was on a ski lift at Loon Mountain, and read the ingredients on the back of a chapstick.

Most of the ingredients were impossible to pronounce, but the one that stood out was alcohol.

Alcohol has no place in a product that is meant to hydrate skin!  As a result of this, she started 

reading about  ingredients and learned that most mainstream products are filled with

unnecessary and harmful ingredients. As time has gone on, she found a love for creating products

that are healthy and effective, as well as educating consumers to know what they put on their skin!

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