Handmade & Organic Body Care​​

Isles of Shoals Organics, LLC   Located in Portsmouth, NH    Contact Us: tara@islesofshoalsorganics.com    (617) 543-7160


At Isles of Shoals Organics, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality organic products. All products are organic, paraben & dye free, gluten free, and vegetarian (we also have vegan products available!). Our goal is to provide consumers with a product they can blindly trust, knowing anything that has our name on it is something that will only benefit users. We want to be 100% transparent in our business practices, ingredients, and their benefits. We welcome any and all product questions, and if you have a special need for something, contact us! We will do whatever we can to help.

Mission Statement

Isles of Shoals Organics’ mission is to provide the highest quality organic products and best customer service in an informative and transparent way 

Isles of Shoals Organics was founded in January of 2015 by Tara O’Connor. After researching the harmful and  unnecessary ingredients in conventional personal care  products, Tara began making organic lip balms in 2013. This evolved into making various other personal care and household items for herself, as well as friends and family. Upon realizing there was a pressing need for products that​ ​were healthy as well as beneficial, Isles of Shoals Organics was born. The name was inspired by the use of sea salt in various products, as well as the cluster of islands off the coast of Portsmouth called the Isles of Shoals.